“All In WINsconsin” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We review this week’s historic election that saw huge turnout nationally, including Wisconsin. We discuss how the blue wave this year was met by an almost equal red wave resulting in some disappointing results down ballot based on expectations buoyed by failed polling and the Trump campaign’s ability to expand its base. We shout out Milwaukee and other cities where Black and Brown communities successfully organized and turned out in large numbers putting Biden over the top. We analyze significant progressive gains in the Milwaukee suburbs that resulted in 2 new state assembly members and some heartbreaking narrow defeats for Emily Siegrist and few other state legislative candidates. The panel previews healthcare reform in a Biden Administration that must contend with a likely GOP U.S. Senate. We close with a call to action to get serious about combating COVID-19 outbreak in Wisconsin and America.
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Despite Rudy Guliani’s false claim, ballots did not just materialize.
Biden’s Wisconsin Win Fueled by Historic Shift in Conservative-Leaning ‘WOW’ Counties.
Judge ‘shocked’ USPS disregarded order for postal inspectors to search for undelivered ballots.
Wisconsin reports record-breaking day for new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, positivity rate.

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