Act Now: Pledge to be a Climate Activist

Pledge to be a Climate Activist Today!

Submit your pledge and take action below:

  • “Focus on Energy” Request your free “Focus on Energy Kit”
  • On Bill financing Support On Bill financing by contacting your elected leaders
    • LA CROSSE RESIDENCES contact the city council and mayor and send them a pre-written email explaining on bill financing and asking them to support the creation of an on bill financing program through La Crosse’s water utility
    • FOR EVERYONE IN WISCONSIN email members of the Wisconsin Assembly and State Senate to explain what on bill financing is and asking them to support it
  • Upgrade your home now with solar panels at no upfront cost Sign up to learn how you can upgrade your home with solar panels right now at no upfront cost by using this link and/or Urge banks to offer green loans Contact your bank or credit union and ask them to offer green home loans
  • Support sustainability hubs: Contact Olena Belka and Michelle Bloom to learn more about how you can help create La Crosse’s first sustainability hub and how you can help other communities create their own sustainability hub.
  • Solar on Schools Follow La Crosse “Solar on Schools” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their website
  • Solar on Schools Contact Heather Tablot at [email protected]  to learn more about how you can support La Crosse “Solar on School” and how you can work to put solar panels on the schools in your area.
  • Protect Driftless waterways and demand that an Environmental Impact Study is done before construction begins on the Roth Feeder Pig II CAFO
  • Become a climate leader! Beginning Feb 8th we invite you to share these climate calls to action with friends and family to take part in our climate leader contest.
  • Missed our Climate Crisis Action meeting on January 28th: Stream now

Donate to Citizen Action of Wisconsin and support our efforts to fight climate change.

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