“Union Strong” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Union Strong” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Wisconsin State AFL-CIO president Stephanie Bloomingdale to discuss the wave of strikes, and the willingness of workers to take on their exploitative corporate employers. Next the panel digs into the end game in passing the long delayed Build Back Better bill. Is Manchinema finally relenting on behalf of their corporate bosses? The media is making apocalyptic predictions for 2022 because of the loss in the Virginia Gubernatorial contest. What happened, and is the sky really falling on the Biden presidency? And what does the failed school board recall in Mequon mean for the GOP’s new parent backlash tactics? Finally, we check in on the progress of the “big lie” in Wisconsin, with the GOP witch hunt targeting the Wisconsin Election Commission’s administrator and bi-partisan board. Does it even matter what the facts are? (spoiler alert, no)


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