“Proliferation of guns” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

“Proliferation of guns” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

We welcome State Representative Supreme Moore Omokunde as a guest panelist for a serious discussion of the proliferation of guns and lack of political courage to do anything real about it. With our government ground to a standstill on everything that matters to voters, can democracy survive? We break some news, as Rep. Moore Omokunde gives us a preview of a a game changing Climate and Jobs package to be released next month. Can it get Wisconsin on a course to meet the climate crisis and finally begin to address the twin evils of income inequality and racial inequality? Next, we talk about the surprising resignation of Republican Dean Knudson’s from the Wisconsin Election Commission for lack of GOP support for free and fair elections. Will it lead to MAGA control of Wisconsin election apparatus? We close with Eau Claire city council member Kate Beaton to discuss a California company’s effort to grab access to Eau Claire City water. Has the looting of Wisconsin’s water resources begun, or can an engaged public push back?

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