Sen. Ron Johnson fighting for billionaires

Sen. Ron Johnson fighting for billionaires

Senator Ron Johnson fights hard in Washington, DC. But who exactly is he fighting for?

Follow the money and you’ll find that Sen. Johnson is in it for himself and his wealthy donors.

In 2016, Wisconsin billionaires Richard Uihlein and Diane Hendricks spent $20 million to get Johnson reelected, and their investment paid off big time. In 2017, they received a combined $80 million in tax breaks from just one little tax cut Johnson carved out for wealthy business owners in the Trump-GOP tax cut legislation. That tax cut personally benefited Johnson. He has doubled his own wealth during his time as a U.S. Senator.

“It is not every day that a U.S. Senator is caught red-handed rigging the tax code in favor of billionaires who bankrolled his reelection, but Ron Johnson was caught in the act,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “If Ron Johnson believes it is appropriate to spend millions in public revenue to aid himself and his billionaire benefactors, how can we ever trust him to speak up for hard working working and middle class Wisconsinites?”

Citizen Action urges Wisconsinites who want our Senators to represent the economic interests of the middle and working class, rather billionaire donors and greedy corporate interests, to share this video with the hashtag #SenatorForSale!

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