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Citizen Action 2023 Spring Election Endorsements

Citizen Action 2023 Spring Election Endorsements

All candidate endorsements were approved by Citizen Action’s governing board.

Endorsed candidates completed a Citizen Action questionnaire. Most were also interviewed and recommended for endorsement by a Citizen Action Organizing Co-op regional steering committee.

State Supreme Court

Janet Protasiewicz

The Supreme Court election will decide the balance of the court, determining whether Wisconsin has a constitutional Supreme Court which fairly and equitably applies the law to ever changing social and economic circumstances or a court that dogmatically imposes an extremist right-wing agenda on the people.

We are impressed with Judge Protasiewicz’s egalitarian judicial philosophy, and her deep commitment to restore the Supreme Court’s traditional role as a guardian rather than a usurper of democracy and majority rule. She also would be a staunch defender of basic constitutional rights, such as the right of people to control their own reproductive health decisions.


Eric Genrich – Mayor of Green Bay

Cory Mason – Mayor of Racine

Cory Mason’s commitment to green energy in Racine, as well as pre-apprenticeship programs aligns with CAWI values. The committee was impressed with his healthcare plans, including plans to build clinics in racially diverse neighborhoods.

Satya Rhodes-Conway – Mayor of Madison

Satya Rhodes-Conway has worked with Citizen Action during her first term as mayor. We are excited to continue working with her to implement the City’s Climate Action Plan. Satya’s commitment to affordable housing, guaranteed income, and rapid transit make her stand out.


Tom Nelson – Outagamie County Executive


To get involved in helping Janet Protesiewicz and any of these candidates with Citizen Action Driftless Organizing Co-op contact: [email protected]

Tamra Dickinson – La Crosse City Council, District 1

Jerry Wacek – La Crosse School Board, At Large
Jeff Jackson – La Crosse School Board, At Large
Trevor Sprague – La Crosse School Board, At Large

All three endorsed La Crosse School Board candidates are well aligned with Citizen Action’s platform. All three candidates are strong supporters of public education and will oppose privatization schemes. All will work closely with Citizen Action to help implement a Climate Action Plan that will help the district transition to renewable energy.

Khadijah Islam – Holmen School Board, At Large

Khadija Islam’s values very much align with Citizen Action’s platform. Khadijah will co-govern with the members of the Citizen Action Driftless co-op. She will work with us to ensure Holmen School District develops and implements a Climate Action Plan and has a strong and strategic campaign plan to win this election.


To get involved in helping Janet Protesiewicz and any of these candidates with Citizen Action North Central Organizing Co-op contact: [email protected]

Gillian Battino – Wausau School Board, At Large
Fred Tealey – Wausau School Board, At Large

Both Gillian Battino and Fred Tealy are running as a slate, against 3 conservative candidates recruited and backed by the Republican Party. Gillian has raised a family in the Wausau School District, and knows the district well. She is very passionate about serving all of our citizens, and considering the impact of her decisions on others.She will be a strong champion for CAWI values and will help restore some balance on the Wausau Board of Education.

The steering committee is excited that former educator Fred Tealey stepped up to run. Fred has spent time spoking out at public meetings to make sure schools with majority minority student populations and students living in poverty get the resources they need. He is aligned with Citizen Action values, and the NC committee is excited to work to get him elected.


To get involved in helping Janet Protesiewicz and any of these candidates with Citizen Action Northeast Organizing Co-op contact: [email protected]

Nick Ross – Appleton Area School District, At Large
Jason Kolpack – Appleton Area School District, At Large

Nick Ross is a Citizen Action Movement Politics Academy graduate who is prepared to run a competitive campaign. Nick is a leader when it comes to equity and inclusion, being a strong advocate and member of the LGBTQ+ community. They will work to create relationship building programs and youth advocate positions within the district, including an LGBTQ advocate. Nick is also deeply opposed to school resource officers in schools.

Jason Kolpack will advocate for better representation in staff and curriculum materials, as well as more protective policies implemented for LGTBQ+ youth. He also wants more restrictions placed on school resource officers to prevent their “free reign” to punish kids at school.


To get involved in helping Janet Protesiewicz and any of these candidates with Citizen Action Northwest Organizing Co-op contact: [email protected]

Emily Berge – Eau Claire City Council President*

Citizen Action member Emily Berge demonstrates strong progressive values and co-governing with Citizen Action, and has been endorsed in the past during her District 1 City Council campaign. She currently serves as the Vice President of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.

Lauren Otto – Altoona School Board, At Large

Lauren Otto has strong qualifications through a variety of work experience, including as family law attorney, and has children in the Altoona school district. She is very interested in listening and learning about Citizen Action’s positions and ideas.

Jarrett Dement – Eau Claire School Board, At Large

Jarrett Dement has a deep willingness to listen and learn and grow as an advocate for students and teachers, and will bring a current educator perspective to the Eau Claire Board. He is experiencing first hand funding challenges for schools. He talks about having no pencils left in his classroom, and that since his budget is already used up he will be purchasing everything he needs out of pocket. His heart is clearly in the right place, matching Citizen Action’s values.

Lori Bica – Eau Claire School Board, At Large

Lori Bica is running for her third term on the Eau Claire Board, making her the longest-serving member. She is a leader on the district’s Climate commitment, with experience as a professor at UW-Eau Claire. She also has children in the school district.

Amy Riddle-Swanson – Menomonie School Board, At Large

Amy Riddle-Swanson comes with 15 years on the Monomonie school board and professional jobs in education her whole life. She has very strong progressive values, with decades of standing up for them, including during Act 10 in 2011, and is very willing to co-govern with Citizen Action members.


To get involved in helping Janet Protesiewicz and any of these candidates with Citizen Action North Side Rising Organizing Co-op contact: [email protected]

Missy Zombor – Milwaukee School Board, Citywide

A Citizen Action Movement Politics Academy graduate, Missy Zombor is a current MPS parent and a committed progressive activist who has been involved in numerous political and issue campaigns. She believes in the power of co-governing with our members and will be a strong public education advocate on the board.

Marva Herndon – Milwaukee School Board, District 1

Marva Herndon is a current MPS and Citizen Action / North Side Rising champion. Marva is the lead sponsor of MPS’s Climate & Economic Equity resolution Citizen Action helped draft with Board President Bob Peterson. Marva’s focus this cycle is on continuing the green schools initiatives as well as improving the mental health of the district’s students.

Erika Siemsen – Milwaukee School Board, District 2

Erika Siemson is a current MPS Board member who is a strong supporter of public schools and its educators. Erika drafted and passed resolutions improving student nutrition programs and ending the school-to-prison pipeline. This election cycle she is focusing on attracting and retaining staff, as well as reducing class sizes in early childhood programs.

Gabi Hart – Milwaukee School Board, District 3

Newcomer Gabi Hart has hit the ground running, and the committees appreciate how much she has learned so far and her commitment to work with other progressive board candidates. She has a deep understanding of and curiosity around equity, and willingness to co-govern with Citizen Action.

Megan O’Halloran – Milwaukee School Board, District 8

Megan O’Halloran is a current MPS Board member and a champion of public schools. Megan is also a proud MPS mom. She will continue to advocate for what she did when she first ran in 2019 – access to programs, smaller class sizes, and community engagement.

Nathan Jurowski – South Milwaukee School Board, At Large

David Bowen – Milwaukee Common Council, District 1

David Bowen gave strong answers around addressing Milwaukee’s budget crisis and redefining safety. He committed to co-governing with North Side Rising members and even laided out a plan to do so in his questionnaire. He looks forward to building with the community to tackle structural racism in healthcare.


Conditions for Cash Bail Amendment – NO

TEXT: Question 2: Cash bail before conviction. Shall section 8 (2) of article I of the constitution be amended to allow a court to impose cash bail on a person accused of a violent crime based on the totality of the circumstances, including the accused’s previous convictions for a violent crime, the probability that the accused will fail to appear, the need to protect the community from serious harm and prevent witness intimidation, and potential affirmative defenses?

Wisconsin Work Requirement for Welfare Benefits – NO

TEXT: “Shall able-bodied, childless adults be required to look for work in order to receive taxpayer-funded welfare benefits?”

Reproductive Rights Referendum – YES

In Milwaukee, Eau Claire, and La Crosse Counties

SAMPLE TEXT: “Should Wisconsin Statute 940.04, which bans abortion at any stage of pregnancy without exception for rape, incest, or health of the patient, be repealed to allow legal access to abortion care?”

Right to Privacy Referendum – YES
In Dane County

TEXT: “Should the Wisconsin Legislature adopt an amendment to the 24 Wisconsin Constitution creating a new right to privacy that would protect rights such as abortion, 25 same-sex marriage, and interracial marriage?”

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