Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, March 17th

Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, March 17th

Citizen Action is hiring a full time Southeastern Co-op Organizer.
Citizen Action is hiring a full time Green Bay Deep Canvass Field Organizer

Volunteer with Citizen Action knocking doors for Janet Protasiewicz this Saturday and sign up for GOTV!

Win Two (2) Milwaukee Bucks Tickets for top volunteer door knocker from Saturday, March 11th to Tuesday, April 4th.

Citizen Action volunteers are hitting the doors and phones this weekend to talk to voters so we can win this historic election!

We are door canvassing weekly, and everyone will be deep canvass phone banking every Monday at 5pm and Saturday at 9am starting tomorrow, Saturday, March 4th!

Find the dates and sign up

Citizen Action North Central Organizing Co-op Celebrates Huge Climate Action Plan Victory!

A little over a year ago, members of Citizen Action began advocating for the development of a Climate Action Plan in the City of Wausau. A Climate Action Plan is a commitment and a plan to get to 100% renewable energy by the year 2050.

At the same time, the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Committee was drafting a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Resolution. Members in North Central formed a Climate Action Team, that met almost every week throughout the year, to strategize on how to support the resolution while advocating for language committing to a Climate Action Plan, to be added to the resolution. Members helped gather petition signatures to give to the City to show support for the Climate Action Plan, they phone banked to reach Wausau residents to educate them about this, they organized a meeting helping people tell their stories more effectively to advocate for an issue, just to name a little bit of the great work that members did.

A few weeks back, the resolution passed the Public Health and Safety Committee, and it was unanimous! This was a bit unexpected, as at least one person was believed to be opposed to this. We were wrong, and part of the reason is that they had heard from constituents who supported it. Most recently, on Tuesday, March 14th, the Common Council had the resolution on their agenda.

Members turned in nearly 200 hundred signatures of support, some attended the meeting, 5 supporters spoke asking the City to vote yes, and countless people emailed the Council.

It passed unanimously, with several Alders pointing out that this commitment is just the first step, giving hope that they will follow through with the development of what they’re calling a Municipal Energy Plan.

You can read more about this meeting here.

All of this work by members of Citizen Action and the community shows the power of organizing. And it shows the importance of our members stepping up into leadership roles within the organization and the community. Now, on to the next City!

Attend a Joint Finance Committee Public Hearing on the State Budget

Attend a Joint Finance Committee state budget public hearing to make your voice heard. Legislative Republicans scheduled only 4 hearings, leaving many parts of the state out of the discussion.

  • Wednesday, April 5th, Waukesha. Waukesha County Expo. Center, Main Arena, 1000 Northview Rd. Waukesha.
  • Tuesday, April 11th, Eau Claire. UW-Eau Claire, Davies Student Center, Ojibwe Grand Ballroom (Third Floor), 77 Roosevelt Ave. Eau Claire.
  • Wednesday, April 12th, Wisconsin Dells. Glacier Canyon Conference Center at the Wilderness Resort, Sandstone Meeting Room, 45 Hillman Rd. Wisconsin Dells
  • Wednesday, April 26th, Minocqua. Lakeland Union High School Theatre, 9573 State Highway 70 Minocqua.

If you can’t attend one of the four locations submit your written testimony here.

Citizen Action Driftless Co-Op Update

Greetings from the Driftless Co-Op!

We are in full spring election mode here in the Driftless region. We kicked off our first canvass in La Crosse last weekend. I even scored some “Driftless” coffee for our first two volunteer canvassers, Mike Lemmon and Kathy Allen!

We are supporting Judge Janet Protasiewicz and our local endorsed candidates:

  • Tamra Dickinson – La Crosse City Council #1
  • Jeff Jackson – La Crosse School Board
  • Trevor Sprague – La Crosse School Board
  • Jerry Wacek – La Crosse School Board
  • Khadijah Islam – Holmen School Board

Please join us in our deep canvassing efforts. We are having meaningful conversations at the doors and moving people to action. We currently have the following canvasses and phone banks scheduled:

If you can’t make these dates but still want to volunteer, call or email me. I can get you options based on your availability!

I also encourage you to come to our Fight for Our Rights rally at UW-L on March 26th. Citizen Action of WI Driftless Co-Op is a co-sponsor of the event and we’ve lined up some pretty amazing speakers you won’t want to miss.

Thank you and please feel free to reach out to me: Kristie Tweed, Driftless Region Co-Op Organizer; 608-317-1331; [email protected]

Citizen Action North Side Rising Update: Beware of the Squiggle

In an effort to have every voter vote and every ballot counted, Citizen Action North Side Rising wants to remind everyone to beware of the squiggle.

The squiggle is the most common reason a ballot will be rejected by a voting machine. It is a random mark on the ballot that is close enough to the candidate checkbox to confuse a computer as to which candidate you really want. Be careful NOT to read along with the tip of your pen near the checkbox. You may squiggle.

If you are in person, a poll worker will use a magnifying glass to find this error. They will show you the error. In the State of Wi, you get another chance. A Poll Marshall may assist you on HOW to vote, if you need.

If you vote by mail, the ballot will be visually checked before going into the voting machine. If poll workers agree on the meaning of the squiggle, the cured ballot is tallied. If not, the ballot will be rejected and the voter will be marked as a no vote for that election.

Have grace and understanding. Anyone with an un-firm hand may squiggle. And someone always shows up to vote with a newly injured writing hand.

NSR encourages you to vote early. Personal emergencies as well as bad weather sometimes thwart voting plans.

And beware of the squiggle.

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the popular Up North Podcast to discuss how we can win the critical Wisconsin Supreme Court race. Listen here (Robert’s interview begins at the 33 minute mark on the video)

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was also on the Jeff Santos show discussing the (lack of) Democratic economic messaging in the wake of a serious of bank implosions.. Listen here (Robert’s interview starts at 34 minute mark in the video)

Win Two (2) Milwaukee Bucks Tickets Volunteer to knock doors!

Attend the Rally for Our Rights event in Eau Claire this Sunday, March 19th

Listen to Medicare under attack: Special Interview with U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We have a special interview with U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan to discuss his fight against the Big Health Insurance take over Medicare. These profit hungry corporate behemoths are running multi-million dollar campaign falsely promoting Medicare Advantage programs as Medicare, duping seniors into inferior coverage and bilking the federal government. In reality, these programs are rife with abuse, and threaten the long term existence of Medicare. We review the historic bailout of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the role of incomplete financial reform following the Great Recession, dangerous bank deregulation in the Trump years supported by Republicans and conservative Democrats. Should wealthy Tech Industry players who claim to be Libertarians get a bailout from the government? We review Tuesday’s bankruptcy of Diamond Sports/Bally Sports Network and its potential impact on the Milwaukee Brewers’ financial stability. We make the obvious connection to the sudden demand of the Brewer’s owner for a massive state tax giveaway. China hysteria continues in the U.S. with a move to force the sale of Tik Tok to a U.S. company. But is Tik Tok data really less secure than the other big tech monopolies? Also, we reveal conservative Wisconsin Congress members Glenn Grothman and Derrick Van Orden’s shameful and hypocritical effort to force people in need of food assistance to regularly report to the government that they are working in order to receive food. Congresswoman Gwen Moore fights back on behalf of needy families.

Listen to the show!

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