“Spring Politics” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

“Spring Politics” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

We discuss the economic “double talk” in D.C. that rationalizes bailing out the banks (and ultra-wealthy) and not the people. Just this week, the Fed tempered their projected interest rate hikes, which were resisted by banks and their allies because of the threat to banks who have placed risky bets on low interest rates. The Fed and the banks show no such concern for unemployment, the real victims of rate hikes. We review Sen. Tammy Baldwin epic cross examination of Moderna’s CEO for their outrageous COVID vaccine price hike. Will this give Senator Baldwin a great re-election issue? We also raise the alarm bills on 300,000 low income Wisconsinites who will be kicked off BadgerCare as COVID public health emergency ends April 1. Meanwhile, Congressman Bryan Steil focuses on Donald Trump’s legal defense in an outrageous letter to the NYC DA which shows that Trump still commands the GOP. At the other side of the Capital, The TikTok sideshow continues in D.C. Is there any limit to the bipartisan China-bating? Meanwhile in Wisconsin, we review the latest State Supreme Court Election news and talk about report that Illinois took in $36.1 million in cannabis tax revenues last year from Wisconsin residents. Robert debriefs a few GOP “tough on crime bills” that are intended to stoke the issue and look tough while doing absolutely nothing to improve public safety.

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