“Volunteers win close elections” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Volunteers win close elections” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We preview the home stretch of the critical Supreme Court race heading into the final weekend. It’s time for progressive leaders and activists to volunteer and Get Out The Vote for Janet Protasiewicz! SIGN UP NOW. We review the closing week of the campaign, including an ugly and false Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) smear against Judge Protasiewicz which is further traumatizing a rape victim. Is there any ethical limit that the Wisconsin corporate lobby will not transgress in its relentless pursuit of a Supreme Court that will always rule in their favor? We discuss the opportunity mayor candidate Brandon Johnson presents the City of Chicago for a new direction of leadership, including public safety. We close the show talking about Bernie Sanders and Democratic U.S. Senators confronting founder and billionaire former CEO Howard Schultz on union busting in a headline grabbing Senate Hearing. Will the heroic sacrifices of Starbucks workers turn the tide for labor, or is there more we need to do?

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