Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend E Newsletter; Friday, March 24th

Citizen Action Weekend E Newsletter; Friday, March 24th

Citizen Action is hiring a full time Southeastern Co-op Organizer.
Citizen Action is hiring a full time Green Bay Deep Canvass Organizer

Win Two (2) Milwaukee Bucks Tickets Volunteer to knock doors!

Current Leader: Renee Gasch, Citizen Action Northeast Co-op member.

Citizen Action Northeast Co-op Member Profile: Renee Gasch

Renee Gasch is one of the founding members of Citizen Action’s Northeast Co-op. She ran for Assembly District 2 in Fall of 2022 as a strong advocate for better healthcare, protecting our climate, and defending abortion rights.

Renee has been canvassing with Citizen Action nearly every week during the spring elections, and last week she knocked almost 80 doors! Renee is an incredible leader in our community and we appreciate all of the amazing work she does to fight for a better future.

Renee is currently the leading volunteer for winning the Milwaukee Bucks tickets.

Want to make a difference like Renee? Join us to canvass in Green Bay during GOTV weekend!

Sign up in Green Bay!
Sign up everywhere else in Wisconsin.

Citizen Action members on the doors talking to voters this week!

Citizen Action Driftless Organizing Co-Op Update

Greetings from the Driftless Co-Op! Become a sustaining member here.

You know it is a critical election when you can get people out to canvass in the bitter cold! Thanks to Indiana, Katherine, Rachel, Karen and Movement Organizing Director of Citizen Actionof WI Kate Felton for bundling up with me last Saturday to canvass. We were out talking to the great folks of Holmen, WI about the importance of this spring election and the long lasting impact it will have on Wisconsinites. We were of course sharing info on Judge Janet but also getting out the word about School Board Candidate Khadijah Islam. Khadijah is a highly qualified candidate that will bring youth, diversity and a fresh new perspective to the Holmen School Board.

If you understand how consequential this election is and have the capacity, please join us in canvassing, phone banking, driving canvassers or support us financially by becoming a sustaining member!

RSVP for March 25th – La Crosse 11am – 2pm
RSVP for April 1st – Holmen 11am – 2pm
RSVP for Monday, 5pm – 7pm & Saturday, 9am – 11am, phone banks.

If you can’t make these dates but still want to volunteer, call or email me. I can get you options based on your availability!

Don’t forget our Fight for Our Rights Rally in La Crosse at UW-L in the Student Union Bluffs Room at 2:00 on Sunday, March 26th! Doors will open at 1:30 and you can find free parking in Lot C or the parking garage near the Student Union. I attended the amazing Eau Claire rally with over 200 people! C’mon La Crosse – the bar has been set. Let’s rally!

Thank you and please feel free to reach out to me. Kristie Tweed, Driftless Region Co-Op Organizer, 608-317-1331; [email protected]

Eau Claire’s “Rally for our Rights” gathers 200 people!

Part of a series of events to gather people ahead of Wisconsin’s pivotal Supreme Court election on April 4th, Rally for Our Rights in Eau Claire on March 19th brought together about 200 people thanks to organizing from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, Women Win Wisconsin, Citizen Action, and other coalition partners working to restore women’s rights. Several members of the Citizen Action Northwestern Wisconsin Organizing Cooperative volunteered at the event or spoke at the rally, which was covered by local news outlets including the television news stations WEAU and WQOW, and featured on the front page of the newspaper the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.

Welcome our new Southeast Wisconsin Deep Canvass Organizer, Willie Green

We welcome on new Southeast Wisconsin Deep Canvass Organizer, Willie Green.  Willie will be talking to voters on the doors and phone full time in the Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin area. We are excited to have him start this week in time for the final stretch of this historic State Supreme Court Election. After the election Willie will help us in our state budget campaign and other permanent Citizen Action issue campaigns.

Willie Green was born in LaCrosse WI where he lived the first 18 years of his life. Then college and law school in quick succession. Willie had a law practice in West Allis for 31 years until he became medically incapacitated by severe depression and Pseudodementia. Unfortunately, Willie fell into the trap of self-medication until entering a six month rehabilitation program at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Milwaukee.

“I found Jesus and changed from Democrat to Democratic Socialist”. Willie is a proud member of the Salvation Army church where he is working to become a soldier (deacon) at The Cold Spring Corp. Willie is currently involved in numerous recovery groups. He puts it this way: “The Salvation Army and the rooms of AA saved my life.”

Willie believes his organizing job talking directly to voters at Citizen Action is a dream come true, he has always been passionate about politics and public policy as well as strategy and campaigns. He is inspired by the trust being placed in him coming out of the Salvation Army program.

Next week: Meet Citizen Action’s new Eau Claire Deep Canvass Organizer, Jason Hart.

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos Show to discuss the dysfunction in Washington.

Listen here (starts at 11 Minute mark on video)

Listen to “Spring Politics” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

We discuss the economic “double talk” in D.C. that rationalizes bailing out the banks (and ultra-wealthy) and not the people. Just this week, the Fed tempered their projected interest rate hikes, which were resisted by banks and their allies because of the threat to banks who have placed risky bets on low interest rates. The Fed and the banks show no such concern for unemployment, the real victims of rate hikes. We review Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s epic cross examination of Moderna’s CEO for their outrageous COVID vaccine price hike. Will this give Senator Baldwin a great re-election issue? We also raise the alarm bills on 300,000 low income Wisconsinites who will be kicked off BadgerCare as COVID public health emergency ends April 1. Meanwhile, Congressman Bryan Steil focuses on Donald Trump’s legal defense in an outrageous letter to the NYC DA which shows that Trump still commands the GOP. At the other side of the Capital, The TikTok sideshow continues in D.C. Is there any limit to the bipartisan China-bating? Meanwhile in Wisconsin, we review the latest State Supreme Court Election news and talk about a report that Illinois took in $36.1 million in cannabis tax revenues last year from Wisconsin residents. Robert debriefs a few GOP “tough on crime bills” that are intended to stoke the issue and look tough while doing absolutely nothing to improve public safety.

Listen to the show!

Volunteer talking to voters on the phone about Janet Protasiewicz
to knock doors for Janet.
Donate to support our field campaign talking to voters.

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