“Speaker Vos takes Milwaukee hostage ” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Speaker Vos takes Milwaukee hostage ” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss the shared revenue plan rammed through the State Assembly late on Wednesday by Speaker Vos. The plan harms Milwaukee by providing less shared revenue than other cities and towns, and contains poison pills opposed by Milwaukee voters and leaders. Now that Vos has called the Governor’s bluff, we call on Gov. Evers to wield his veto power if the Senate does not dramatically improve the bill. We are joined by freshman State Representative Darrin Madison, a rising star in progressive politics, to give us a report from the trenches and discuss Speaker Vos’ “hostage taking” of Milwaukee. We also return to the looming unwinding of Medicaid in Wisconsin. 309,000 Wisconsinites will likely lose healthcare coverage and 49,000 will end up uninsured and the gerrymandered Legislature says nothing about it and continues to block BadgerCare Expansion. Finally, we ask why the hell is a Waukesha 1st grade teacher who spoke out when the school district banned ‘Rainbowland’ being terminated by their superintendent, James Sebert, and why are 4 GOP State Legislators defending his authoritarian conduct?

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