“3 card monte democracy” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“3 card monte democracy” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

The gerrymandered GOP Legislature continued to force its extreme and unpopular agenda down the throats of Wisconsinites. This week the groundless impeachment drive continued with a cynical embrace of a fake nonpartisan redistricting plan, yet another refusal to address the growing child care crisis, and an escalation of attacks on the UW System’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs. To top it all off, Speaker Vos announced the worst possible Brewer stadium public funding plan, which once again sticks it to Milwaukee. We close with a discussion of the UAW strike and the false tension between good union jobs and fighting runaway climate change, Chicago’s breakthrough on the minimum wage, and President Biden’s executive order creating the Climate Corps that was stripped from his legislative plans by wannabe third party presidential candidate Sen. Joe Manchin.

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Biden Launches ‘American Climate Corps’ Program to Create 20,000 Jobs.

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