Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend E Newsletter

Citizen Action Weekend E Newsletter

September 29th – October 1st

Citizen Action is hiring Deep Canvass Field Organizers in Green Bay and Milwaukee.
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Historic UAW Strike comes to Wisconsin! We need to have their backs!

Citizen Action stood in solidarity this week with striking UAW workers at Hudson and Milwaukee this week. Last weekend Citizen Action Northwest Organizing Cooperative members went to Hudson to walk the picket line with striking UAW workers.

This Wednesday evening Citizen Action members joined a rally hosted by the Milwaukee Area Labor Council in support of the striking UAW Local 75 members at the Stellantis Parts Distribution Center in Milwaukee.

It is critical that you support these striking workers on the picket lines. You can join them from 7am -7pm.

Watch video of speakers in Milwaukee, including Wisconsin State AFL-CIO president, Stephanie Bloomingdale, who is also president of Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund.

See more photos and speech from retired UAW leader about the generational importance of this strike.

Support striking UAW workers by signing the union’s petition.

Take Action: Wisconsin needs a BadgerCare Public Option!

Take Action opposing We Energies’ rate increase, 15% over two years.

Attend public hearing October 9th and sign letter!

Please sign and share our Energy Burden petition stating that you don’t want another rate increase. This will directly impact our black and brown communities here in Milwaukee. You can put in your own comments or just sign. Comments section is open until October 16th.

Join us for the Public Service Commission’s 2 public hearings on October 9th, 2pm and 6 pm at the Clinton Rose Senior Center located at 3045 N. Martin Luther King Dr. Milwaukee.

Citizen Action Northeast Organizing Cooperative attends N.E.W Pride Event in Brown County!

Citizen Action Northeast Organizing Cooperative joined dozens of other organizations and vendors at the N.E.W. Pride at the Brown County Fair Grounds this past weekend in celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.

Hundreds of people came out to the event and got to experience live music, drags shows, food, art, and more.

Citizen Action Northeast organizer Natalie Hoffman had a great time talking to folks about Badgercare Public Option with attendees!

Join Citizen Action Northeast Organizing Cooperative or contact [email protected]

Grassroots Efforts to Save County Owned Nursing Home Continues in North Central Wisconsin.

After the last election, the Lincoln County Board saw a significant turnover of supervisors.

One of the first things that the new Board did is get rid of the wheel tax, which was generating revenue for the County. They did this, even though they had a room full of constituents asking them to keep it. Not long after this decision was made, the County started talking about selling or privatizing their County owned nursing home, Pine Crest.

The real irony here is that they cited the inability to adequately fund the nursing home as their motivation. So why get rid of the wheel tax if revenue is an issue?

Lincoln County is an aging community, and most certainly has residents that would benefit from Pine Crest one day. Publicly owned nursing homes cannot turn a person away because of financial barriers or severe health issues (like dementia), but private ones can.

All of this led to a true grassroots effort in the County to put pressure on the Board to do the right thing. Citizens organized a petition effort, and delivered over 600 petitions to the Board. They continue to organize the community and to work with groups that support their cause.

That’s where Citizen Action comes in. We support this grassroots effort, and strongly believe that we need more access to quality and affordable healthcare, not less! If you are a Lincoln County resident, there is a short window left to complete a survey being conducted by the Merrill Foto News and the Tomahawk Leader. If you are a Lincoln County resident, or you know someone who is, please fill this out and/or pass it on to others.

Fill out the survey here.

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Paul Revere Show with WI AFL-CIO Prez Stephanie Bloomingdale to discuss the UAW strike and the threat of impeachment in Wisconsin.

Listen here

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Show to discuss why the Republican base does not turn against Donald Trump no matter what he does.

Listen here.

Listen to “Special Interview with Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski to discuss the functions of the SOS office and the MAGA Republican attacks on her appointment and the office. Are their smears another example of the fraying of democratic norms? We review Boss Vos’ continued disingenuous and deceptive push for an Iowa-style redistricting scheme. What does this say about his threat to impeach Justice Janet?

We discuss the historic UAW strike which came to Wisconsin this week as President Joe Biden took Priscilla’s advice from last week’s show, becoming the first President to join a union picket line. Is this fight a landmark in the fight to restore the right to form unions and the tattered American middle class? Donate to Citizen Action.

Listen now to the show!

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