“Fighting for public schools” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Fighting for public schools” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss a new report finding lower-income Wisconsinites pay a much higher proportion of their incomes in taxes than the wealthy. What does it say about the current priorities of Republicans and Democrats, and the latest state budget? We urge Governor Evers and Legislative Democrats to fight for progressive taxation in the next state budget both to fund vital services and boost the real earnings of working class Wisconsinites.

We talk about the weaknesses of the past state budget coming home to roost, as Milwaukee Public Schools announce they are headed to a referendum to raise property taxes just to cover basic operations. Meanwhile, this week Legislative Republicans introduced the nation’s worst medical marijuana bill and pushed legislation criminalizing homelessness.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin joins other U.S. Senators challenging Amazon’s abusive labor practices. In global headlines, we learned this week that 2023 was the warmest year in over 100,000 years. However, there was some progress in the United States. We discuss where we are and what needs to happen soon on the biggest issue in human history.

Dr. Michael Rosen joins us to discuss the predatory, for-profit Arizona College of Nursing’s pursuit of a location in Milwaukee. Nurses and educators are organizing to stop Arizona College of Nursing before it starts.

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