“Purplesconsin” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Purplesconsin” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We debrief the new MU Law Poll which has Biden and Trump locked in a statistical dead heat in the battle for Wisconsin’s all important Presidential Electors. What does the poll’s finding that there are very few undecided voters 10 months ahead of the election mean for the outcome? What are the implications of the historically strong public interest in 3rd Party candidates? Also, in the more immediate term, early voting in 2024 Spring Primary has started and Citizen Action just announced are pre-primary endorsements.

Meanwhile the never ending drama continues on the national scene. As Trump implodes, the GOP opposes its own draconian board security bill, the House tries but fails to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, while Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher takes heat for voting against the bogus articles of impeachment.

We discuss the Supreme Court oral arguments on 14th Amendment bar on Trump’s candidacy which has removed him from the ballot in CO and ME. Will the Trump Supreme Court renig on claimed commitment to strict construction of the Constitution to save Trump?

Dr. Michael Rosen joins us to talk about the predatory for-profit Arizona College of Nursing’s effort to locate in Milwaukee and an organized effort to stop it. Listeners are encouraged to attend a public hearing in Milwaukee next Monday at 1pm.

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