Citizen Action Weekend
Weekend ’24, February 9th

Weekend ’24, February 9th

Citizen Action is hiring! Southeast Wisconsin Co-op Organizer

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Take Action urging the scheduling of a public hearing for the BadgerCare Public Option bill!

Send a message to the Wisconsin State Legislators that serve on the Healthcare and Insurance committees asking them to simply allow a hearing for the BadgerCare Public Option.

Citizen Action North Side Rising presents our 1st Black African Heritage Program, February 29th, 3-6pm

Citizen Action announces pre-primary 2024 Spring Election candidate endorsements

All endorsed candidates completed a Citizen Action 2024 candidate questionnaire. They were then interviewed by Citizen Action members from the regional organizing cooperative and recommended for endorsement. All endorsements are than voted on and approved by the statewide Citizen Action Board.

There will be more endorsements announced following the primary election.

Northeast Organizing Cooperative

Jon Shelton – Green Bay City Council District 4

Jon Shelton aligns deeply with the values of Citizen Action. He is extremely committed to the idea that the things we care about are rights – healthcare, a clean environment, housing, collective bargaining – and he will be a champion voice of these issues if elected.

Jon will fight for good paying, clean energy jobs that will rebuild Green Bay’s economy and enable the City of Green Bay to do its part in fighting climate change.

Jon’s deep commitment to both the issues and to working with Citizen Action. Jon is UW-GreenBay professor and chair of democracy and justice studies. Jon is an active member in his union, AFT.

Jon Shelton is a recent graduate of Citizen Action’s Movement Politics Academy ‘23 Class. We value candidates who take the time to prepare to run for office.

Jon has an important primary election on Tuesday, February 20th. Contact: [email protected] to find out how you can help elect Jon.

Christina Thor – Green Bay City Council District 11

Christina Thor is deeply committed to her community and to the issues that impact them. As a daughter of refugees, she understands the barriers her community faces when it comes to equity and accessing resources, and she is a strong advocate for both. She has experience fighting for a $15 minimum wage in Minnesota, and she believes equity is the key to solving issues, especially on policing and healthcare accessibility.

Christina will fight for good paying, clean energy jobs that will rebuild Green Bay’s economy and fight climate change. Christina’s opponent was one of only 2 votes against Green Bay’s recent;y passed Clean Energy plan.

Christina is currently State Director for 9to5. Her commitment to equity, as well as her all around support of the issues Citizen Action cares about are why we recommend her.

Christina has an important primary election on Tuesday, February 20th. Contact: [email protected] to find out how you can help elect Christina.

Gloria Eastman – Brown County Supervisor District 5

Gloria Eastman is undoubtedly a candidate of the people. They have much lived experience in terms of lack of resources that are relatable to their constituency, and that has translated into a deep sense of justice in fighting for better access to resources.

Gloria recognizes that we cannot have equity if we do not have proper access to resources, and is an especially strong advocate for housing and healthcare justice. Gloria’s understanding of the issues, as well as their deep commitment to equity are why we recommend them.

Gloria Eastman is a recent graduate of Citizen Action’s Movement Politics Academy ‘23 Class. We value candidates who take the time to prepare to run for office.

Joey Prestly – Green Bay City Council District 6

Joey is thoroughly ideologically aligned with Citizen Action. He is especially passionate about climate, and believes overall that we need to be more aggressive when tackling the issue of climate change.

Joey realizes that he is not an expert on all of the issues, and looks to Citizen Action for guidance, and wishes to maintain a collaborative spirit if elected to office. Joey’s strong commitment to climate justice and openness to co-governance are why we would like to recommend him.

Joey works at UW-Green Bay where he also is a graduate.

Joey has an important primary election on Tuesday, February 20th.

Driftless Organizing Cooperative

Kelly Leibold – La Crosse County Board District 1

Kelly Leibold is extremely well informed on local issues and has a solid grasp on the current county board work and her district.

Kelly is well aligned with Citizen Action and will work with members on implementing our shared goals, including healthcare and fighting climate change.

Kelly has previous experience, serving on the city council where she previously lived and currently active in her local neighborhood association.

She supports our progressive values, is excited to co-govern and has a solid campaign plan.

Grant Mathu – La Crosse County Board District 6

Grant Mathu previously served on the La Crosse County Board as the supervisor for the student district. After graduating he moved to a new district and is now running there. Grant not only understands the work but was a part of developing it.

Grant supported the police oversight committee, the expansion of Hillview Healthcare Center, the LaCrosse climate plan and the current DEI study.

Grant looks forward to co-governing with the Driftless Organizing Cooperative members.

Grant Mathu is a recent graduate of Citizen Action’s Movement Politics Academy ‘23 Class. We value candidates who take the time to prepare to run for office.

Wyatt Molling – La Crosse County Board District 16

Wyatt Molling is a longtime member and leader of the Citizen Action Driftless Organizing Co-Op who has been active on our climate, healthcare and endorsement teams.

Wyatt has a solid grasp of the current work being done on the County Board and how he wants to influence it in a positive way. He shares our values and is well aligned with Citizen Action’s platform. Wyatt will work with members on our priority issues of healthcare and fighting climate change.

Wyatt has a strong campaign plan which focuses on direct voter contact.

Southeast Organizing Cooperative

Ron Jansen – Milwaukee County Board District 4

Ron Jansen has a strong alignment with the Path to Victory. He demonstrates a robust and collaborative campaign strategy, actively engaging with various community organizing groups and addressing a wide range of community concerns. His dedication to door-knocking and reaching out to residents from diverse backgrounds underscores his commitment to addressing discontent at the County level.

Ron Jansen’s commitment to climate justice is apparent through his holistic approach to equity, multi-pronged strategies, and emphasis on expanded transit and improved housing conditions for vulnerable populations. He is a vocal advocate for criminal justice reform, adopting an abolitionist stance, pushing for transparency, accountability, and defunding of the Sheriff’s office.

He is also a supporter of better funding services that reduce recidivism like housing and healthcare.

Ron Jansen is a recent graduate of Citizen Action’s Movement Politics Academy ‘23 Class. We value candidates who take the time to prepare to run for office.

Juan Miguel Martinez – Milwaukee County Board District 12

Juan Miguel Martinez brings experience and passion about issues including healthcare, county parks, and keeping Milwaukee accessible landmarks available to all, like the Mitchell Park Domes.

Juan Miguel prides himself in working with the community to help make their voices heard.

Juan Miguel is is supporter of redesigning our tax system to be more equitable and ensure our dollars are used for the betterment of our communities.

Juan Miguel also has experience in healthcare advocacy, he co-authored a resolution that allowed county employees to be able to seek reimbursement for healthcare travel expenses.

Andrew Meindl – Wauwatosa Mayor

Andrew Meindl prioritizes community engagement through door-knocking and educating residents about local issues. His grassroots fundraising approach reflects his commitment to transparency and inclusivity in politics.

Meindl’s alignment with access to healthcare is evident through his involvement in the March for Medicare for All and his efforts to relieve medical debt for residents. Moreover, Meindl’s support for hiring a sustainability manager and addressing climate change aligns with the principles of Citizen Action with climate justice.

Meindl has extensive plans for co-governance through advisory committees and participatory budgeting, which reflect a commitment to inclusive decision-making.

Yes for Milwaukee Public Schools Referendum 

The Milwaukee Public School Board of Directors authorized a funding referendum for MPS for the April 2nd ballot. This referendum is a result of the state budget, which did not protect public schools. This funding will protect programs such as art, libraries, music, and gym – programs that were not possible to first be saved without the 2020 referendum.

North Central Organizing Cooperative

Gary Gisselman – Wausau City Council District 5 & Marathon County Board District 5

Gary Gisselman is willing to co-govern with us, and has done so in the past.

He played an integral role in getting the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Resolution with a commitment to 100% renewable energy by the year 2050, passed on the Wausau City Council. He also attends most Sustainability Committee meetings (where the resolution began) even though he is not required to. Gary has committed to our platform, and supports our flagship issues.

Gary recently joined the Co-op, after being asked by a fellow Co-op member. It is important that we protect this seat for the future of our climate work, and other work in Wausau.

Terry Kilian – Wausau City Council District 3

Terry Kilian is a true progressive, that cares about our issues.

Terry is a registered nurse, and knows firsthand about the problems within the medical and insurance industries.

Terry supports our work on Climate Action Plans. She and her son (Co-op member and current Alder for this District, Tom Kilian) started an organization, with other neighborhood members and concerned citizens, called Citizens for a Clean Wausau, that focused on identifying and properly remediating years of industrial pollution in a residential neighborhood in Wausau. This group worked with the Center for Health and Environmental Justice (CHEJ), the People’s Action Institute, CAW and others to get this work done.

Terry recently became a Co-op member. We believe that she will be a strong co-governing Alder.

Northwest Organizing Cooperative

Emily Anderson (I) – Eau Claire City Council District 2

Emily Anderson is a longtime Citizen Action member and very values-aligned. She understands the need for grassroots and co-governance to get things done.

This will be Emily’s third term, so she understands what it takes to win her district on the southeast side of the city.

While she understands where limits are for the city to influence certain issues, she is still hopeful and aspirational about the possibilities and the role of local electeds to make a difference on the local and state level.

Jasmine Case – Eau Claire County Board District 20

Jasmine has impressive energy as a first time candidate, with a serious campaign plan to win. She has called Eau Claire home for over 20 years, and she has a career background teaching English at UW-Eau Claire, and more recently directing an office to help students engage in community service-learning opportunities.

Jessica Schoen (I) – Eau Claire City Council District 1

Jessica Schoen was appointed to the City Council in Spring 2023 and has been an impressive member ever since, and shows great care for her community and residents of her north side district.

Jessica Schoen is a recent graduate of Citizen Action’s Movement Politics Academy ‘23 Class.

Erica Zerr – Eau Claire Area School Board

Erica Zerr has served for several terms on the school board and shows a genuine concern for students, teachers and school staff. She is interested in advancing the district’s climate goals and in creating a Farm to School program.

Loralee Clark – Eau Claire County Board District 27

Loralee is motivated, with a strong campaign plan focused on knocking doors and meeting as many people as possible across her district in the City of Eau Claire and the Town of Seymour.

Loralee has an interesting set of career experience that would serve her will on the board, including as a retired prosecutor in the district attorney’s office.

Attend Black History Month Trivia, Thursday, February 29th, 7pm

Join Citizen Action members, led by the Southeast Wisconsin Co-Op for Black History Month Trivia on February 29th, 7pm.

This event is co-sponsored by Citizen Action, For Our Future WI, and Citizen Action. Tune in for trivia and talks from black elected officials on celebrating black history month.

Register Here

Attend Citizen Action’s 40th Anniversary Celebration, Monday, March 11, 6pm

Join us for a joyous celebration of 40 years of powerful organizing at Citizen Action of Wisconsin! We will break bread and toast the proud (and often hidden history) of Citizen Action, and consider our critical role in the fight to save and restore multiracial democracy.

Citizen Action executive director Robert Kraig is researching our history (much of it preserved at the Wisconsin Historical Society) and will present his findings on our history.

Monday, March 11th, 6:00 PM
Enlightened Brewing, 2020 S Allis St, Milwaukee

More information and to RSVP!

We will also be celebrating in La Crosse, Wednesday, March 13th, 5:30pm at Big Al’s Pizza;  Wausau, Thursday, March 14th, 5:30pm at TBD; Green Bay, Thursday, March 21st, 5:30pm at the Greater Green Bay Labor Council; and Eau Claire, Tuesday, April 30th, 6:00pm at The Coven.

Citizen Action in the news

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Show for the full hour to discuss the legal breakthrough on Donald Trump’s claim of immunity from prosecution,  and other breaking state and national political news.

Listen Here.

The Earl Ingram Show airs on the growing Civic Media radio network from 8 AM to 10 AM weekdays. Robert is the regular guest every Wednesday 9 AM to 10 AM. You can also subscribe to the Earl Ingram show on Apple and other podcast platforms.

Listen to “Purplesconsin” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We debrief the new MU Law Poll which has Biden and Trump locked in a statistical dead heat in the battle for Wisconsin’s all important Presidential Electors. What does the poll’s finding that there are very few undecided voters 10 months ahead of the election mean for the outcome? What are the implications of the historically strong public interest in 3rd Party candidates? Also, in the more immediate term, early voting in 2024 Spring Primary has started and Citizen Action just announced are pre-primary endorsements.

Meanwhile the never ending drama continues on the national scene. As Trump implodes, the GOP opposes its own draconian board security bill, the House tries but fails to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, while Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher takes heat for voting against the bogus articles of impeachment.

We discuss the Supreme Court oral arguments on 14th Amendment bar on Trump’s candidacy which has removed him from the ballot in CO and ME. Will the Trump Supreme Court renig on claimed commitment to strict construction of the Constitution to save Trump?

Dr. Michael Rosen joins us to talk about the predatory for-profit Arizona College of Nursing’s effort to locate in Milwaukee and an organized effort to stop it. Listeners are encouraged to attend a public hearing in Milwaukee next Monday at 1pm.

Listen to the show

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