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Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, November 20th

Friday, November 20th

Is the GOP Trying to Steal Wisconsin for Trump?

At a tumultuous Wisconsin Election Commission meeting Wednesday evening, GOP commissioners called into question all of the mail ballots in Milwaukee and Dane Counties applied for through the state’s own website! This paired with Trump’s overt attempt to strong arm the Michigan State Legislature intoto flaunting the will of voters, and one of Trump’s lawyers calling for battleground state legislators to do so, raises serious questions about the Wisconsin recount. Two Wisconsin Election Commissioners, Mark Thomsen and Chair Anne Jacobs, have said their strategy may be to use the recount to get before the conservative Wisconsin State Supreme Court to give the Legislature permission to name Wisconsin’s electoral college slate. The ploy seems to be a long shot, but we need to take it seriously.

Citizen Action is on top of the emerging story.

On our Battleground Wisconsin Podcast/Radio Show, we have an exclusive interview with Wisconsin Election Commissioner (and Citizen Action Board President) Mark Thomsen to discuss the GOP threat to the integrity of the Wisconsin election. In addition, Citizen Action Executive Director Robert Kraig discusses the GOP strategy to steal Wisconsin, and how it just might work, on a national radio program on the Pacifica Radio Network.

Citizen Action participated in a #BackOffMyBallot media event on Friday morning in Milwaukee with Souls to the Polls. 

Citizen Action Thanks Our Election Heroes!

This November, Wisconsinites turned out in record numbers and made their voices heard. Poll workers risked their lives to make sure that the election process went smoothly and that each and every vote was counted.

Here are some ideas for organizations and individuals looking to thank an Election Hero:

Video Thank You Messages! 

  • Record a message thanking election heroes in your town! Share your own election story and the story of the election heroes whose courage and diligence helped you cast your vote in 2020.
    • Be sure to use the hashtags #AllinWisconsin and #ElectionHeroes 
    • Be sure to tag your local leaders, such as your mayor, elections clerks or others. 

Tokens of Appreciation! 

    • Bring flowers, handmade signs or thank you notes to your local election clerks, post office, or postal workers union! 
    • Be sure to take a photo and share on social media with the hashtags #AllinWisconsin and #ElectionHeroes and letting us know where in Wisconsin you voted! You can also send photos to [email protected]
  • Send a Note! 
    • Send a note of thanks and encouragement to your local election workers as they continue to serve us in this historic election. 
    • Find the address for your clerk here!
    • If you can, take a photo to share on social media, say what part of the state you’re in, use the hashtags #AllinWisconsin & #ElectionHeroes, or email to [email protected]!  
  • Social Media! 
    • Head on over to your mayor or election clerk’s facebook page and tell them they did a great job! 
    • Join the conversation on twitter to thank your local election heroes! Be sure to use the hashtags #AllinWisconsin and #ElectionHeroes and say where you’re from in Wisconsin! 

Healthcare Stories Wanted

We are once again, looking for healthcare stories.  Do you have a prescription drug that you really need but can barely afford?  Did you receive treatment recently and receive an unexpected healthcare bill?  Have you been treated for Covid but are now sitting on a giant medical bill?

You can make change by simply sharing your story with us.  Contact our healthcare organizer [email protected]

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the national Pacifica Radio Network to discuss the possible conspiracy by the Trump campaign to invalidate absentee ballots in Milwaukee and Dane County, and throw the election to Donald

Listen here. The Pacifica Radio Network includes over 200 progressive radio stations.

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig discussed the Biden transition and the fight for progressive cabinet appointments on the Jeff Santos Radio Show. Listen here.

“Trump & Republicans Attack Wisconsin Election Workers” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We have a special interview with Wisconsin Election Commissioner (WEC) Mark Thomsen about Trump and the GOP’s baseless accusations that every Wisconsin election clerk conducted illegal election activities. Wednesday evening, Republican WEC commissioners asserted, with no evidence, that Milwaukee and Dane County would illegally restrict access to GOP recount observers. Commissioner Dean Knudson said he was willing to throw out all absentee ballots requested online through WEC, which if it happened would likely swing the election to Trump. Our panel also discusses the escalating COVID-19 crisis in Wisconsin, including Governor Evers’ extension of the mask mandate and his new COVID-19 legislation. We welcome Racine Education Association president Angelina Cruz to discuss the very strong letter WEAC leaders sent to Gov. Evers and DHS Secretary designee Andrea Palm asking for clear state standards on in-person schooling. We also talk about other local elected officials who are receiving threats for proposing local health measures that would slow the spread of the pandemic.

Listen now!

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