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Marina Dimitrijevic: A bold and forward looking leader.

Marina Dimitrijevic: A bold and forward looking leader.

Marina Dimitrejevic is a Milwaukee native and has been serving our community her entire adult life as a community organizer and elected official.

She and her husband Eduardo, an immigrant from Uruguay, live in the heart of Bay View with their children: Lucia, Rafael, and Zoe.

First elected in 2004 as the youngest woman to ever be elected to the Milwaukee County Board, Marina was re-elected four times, ultimately serving as the Chairwoman of the board. Now, she serves as Alderwoman for District 14, one of Milwaukee’s most diverse and vibrant neighborhoods.

Marina has led the fight for a more just, more inclusive Milwaukee where everyone is welcome.

Marina has delivered on a progressive environmental agenda. She has increased funding for parks and outdoor recreation, and fought to expand access to voting across Milwaukee.

Marina has a bold plan for Milwaukee and the experience to implement it. Marina is ready to lead on climate change, good jobs, public safety, and healthcare. Marina will be a fighter for every family in Milwaukee.

Marina is especially strong on a top issue facing Milwaukee: initiating a large-scale green economy conversion that dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions while creating tens of thousands of family supporting union jobs, especially for Milwaukee communities locked out of economic opportunity.

Marina is an experienced leader who is prepared to:

  • Defend Milwaukee Public Schools from attacks by GOP state legislators.
  • Tackle the shocking health disparities that plague our city.
  • Do the right thing during the ongoing fight against COVID.
  • Expand access to voting in Milwaukee and fight efforts at voter suppression.

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