The Conspiracy Against Everything

The Conspiracy Against Everything

From the conservative leaning WI Supreme Court making up the new “least changes” redistricting criterion to the Republican attempt to funnel public dollars to private schools, it seems the Sith Lords of the WI GOP are embarrassing the dark side…again! We delve into the new political maps for Wisconsin and give some political insider perspective of the new districts pros and cons. Our eye-rolling won’t stop with the newly released Galbegate records showing Gableman’s massive spending of public money on himself, while continuing to drive his big-lie partisan election review into the toilet. And the hits keep rolling as we call out RoJo’s past pro-Putin support and how he continues to show his unworthiness to be in office (don’t forget to Vote Nov 8th!). Speaking of terrible leadership…did you hear about the one where a bunch of white people who don’t live in Milwaukee want to dismantle the multi-racial Milwaukee School district? Join us as we try to find the punchline.
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