“Case Closed: 2022 Election GOTV” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Case Closed: 2022 Election GOTV” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss the new MU Poll which shows the election is tied and all about turnout! Poll demonstrates that GOTV field programs will decide the election and you need to volunteer! If you can’t volunteer, please DONATE to support our GOTV door and phone canvass. President Biden makes impassioned comments Wednesday about the threat to democracy. Why is the Wisconsin mainstream media ignoring Tim Michels’ Trumpian comments that if he is elected governor, no Republican will lose in Wisconsin? How does it relate to his position on decertifying the 2020 election, or abolishing the WEC? Also Michael’s construction company has no Black people in management, super majority white and male. Citizen Action releases a hard hitting Ron Johnson video that uses his own words to reveal who he supports. We encourage you to watch & share video. Robert educates us on the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period beginning this week and what changes open up health care coverage to more people. We update the effort to stop We Energies outrageous 13%+ rate hike and their inadequate effort to transition to renewable energy.

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WATCH and SHARE new video closing the case on who Ron Johnson represents. #SENATORFORSALE

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