Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend E Newsletter, December 8th

Citizen Action Weekend E Newsletter, December 8th

Watch 2023 Year in Review Video.

City of Green Bay’s Clean Energy Plan Passes at City Council!

Thanks to all the Citizen Action members who lobbied their elected officials.

The Green Bay City Council meeting on Tuesday night was electric with support for the Clean Energy Green Bay Plan that was up for a vote. Over 20 constituents spoke at the meeting, and in a 9-2 vote, the City Council passed the Clean Energy Plan! This is a huge win for Green Bay, which is now on a tangible path to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Now it’s time to celebrate!

The Northeast Co-op will be hosting an end of year celebration in which we will be debriefing this huge city council win, as well as some of the other great work we’ve done this year. Join us for pizza and to celebrate all the work we’ve accomplished in 2023!

Sign up to attend!

If you have any questions or would like to connect further, please reach out to the organizer, Natalie Hoffman at (414) 216-1316 or [email protected].

Attend Citizen Action 3rd CD Candidate Forum, Sunday, December 17th, 6pm! 

Join us for a virtual candidate forum featuring candidates challenging Derrick Van Orden for the 3rd Congressional District in Western Wisconsin. The forum will feature questions from Citizen Action Organizing coop members who live in the 3rd Congressional District. Citizen Action has 3 separate Organizing Co-ops located in the district, making this a huge event for us!

This forum is part of our endorsement process and will include a survey of attendees on their candidate preferences and if you think Citizen Action’s Board should vote to endorse in the Democratic Primary. All final endorsement decisions are made by our Board, but member opinions matter very much in that decision.


Volunteer to talk to voters about the BadgerCare Public Option, Monday, December 11th, 5pm – 7pm.

RSVP NOW!  You will be well trained before making calls.

Citizen Action Driftless Organizing Co-Op Update

Thanks to all of you who attended our annual meeting! Congratulations to member Lori Toso for receiving a recognition certificate for her tireless work around healthcare in the Driftless. She has dedicated herself to uncovering systemic problems in the coding and billing practices of local healthcare systems and the pervasive, corrupt claim denials of insurance companies. She started the fight for her family but continues the work for everyone facing these issues. Her dedication to the cause is appreciated!

If you want to join Lori and other Driftless Co-Op members in our work around healthcare, please join us for a team meeting on Tuesday, December 19th at 6PM. Register here or email me with any questions.  Register here!

Also a big thank you to member Joni Anderson for giving an outstanding update on the Driftless Co-Op at the annual meeting! Joni has been an active Co-Op leader for a long time and we appreciate your time and efforts!

Before we all take a break from our busy lives and celebrate the holidays, we still have one more exciting opportunity for everyone in the Driftless. Join us for the 3rd CD Forum on Sunday, December 17th at 6pm on zoom. Get to know the Democratic primary candidates running for Congress in the 3rd congressional district. CAW members will ask important questions to help you decide who you’ll be voting for in this important primary.

Register to attend the 3rd CD Forum! 

Happy Holiday Season!

To find out more about the Driftless Co-Op or become a member, please call or email me. Kristie Tweed, Driftless Co-Op Organizer, 608-317-1331, [email protected]

Join us in Milwaukee, Saturday, December 9th, Noon

Movement Politics Update From North Central Organizing Co-op

Founding member of the North Central Organizing Co-op, and Wausau leader, Tom Kilian will not be seeking a 3rd term on the Wausau City Council. Tom has truly been a champion for the people and the planet. Wausau Pilot and Review highlighted some of his recognition for his achievements, “In the last five years, his civic efforts were recognized both inside and outside of Wausau. Examples include Wausau’s People of the Year, Marathon County Citizen of the Year, and the statewide Bill Iwen Environmental Award. Kilian was featured in a CHEJ national webinar series on community leaders, and he was personally named when Citizens for a Clean Wausau received a watchdog award from the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council. Most of Kilian’s efforts have related, in some way, to working- and middle- class neighborhoods challenging entrenched power and moneyed interests.”

He was also recognized by Citizen Action of Wisconsin, at their Annual Member meeting, for his efforts on the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Committee, to get language committing to the development of a Climate Action Plan added to a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Resolution that they were working on. He then also supported it as an Alder.

We are very sad to see Tom go, and admire him for all of his efforts to clean up industrial pollution in his district, and his dedication to working-class people and neighborhoods. We have lost a true fighter. I am happy to report that Tom thought about who could run in his place, and am excited to announce that citizen Action Co-op member, and mother to Tom, Terry Kilian filed their paperwork for candidacy yesterday! Thank you for stepping up, Terry. Something tells me that Tom will continue to fight for the right things, even off of the council

Citizen Action Southeast Organizing Coop encourages you you to attend Our Future Milwaukee Webinar, Thursday, December 14th, 6pm

The Our Future Milwaukee webinar next week will provide information on consumer financial benefits available through the Inflation Reduction Act – many of which are substantial and targeted to low- and moderate-income households. Citizen Action is a member of Our Future Milwaukee and works collaboratively with groups to share the benefits and information around the Inflation Reduction Act.

To get involved email SEWI Co-Op organizer Kat Klawes at [email protected].

Listen to “Looking to 2024, while 2020 still looms” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We debrief a new judicial ruling this week finding abortion legal again in Wisconsin. To the surprise of few, Wisconsin GOP Legislative leaders propose another scheme to abolish the Wisconsin Elections Commission, giving election administration oversight to Republican Legislative leaders hellbent on power and total control in the name of financial elites. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin fake electors acknowledged their actions were unlawful and were used in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election. We discuss the importance of membership in Citizen Action, as we are preparing to win in 2024 by talking directly to voters all over the state.

Republicans struggle to find a serious challenger to Sen Tammy Baldwin in 2024, as California millionaire banker Eric Hovde announces his campaign this week. Gov. Evers rightly vetoes a GOP bill that would ban gender affirming medical care for minors.

We discuss Citizen Action’s upcoming 3rd Congressional District Candidate Forum on Sunday, December 17th, at 6pm. We encourage our listeners in the district to RSVP today!

Listen to the show!

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